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Since childhood, I have had a profound love and connection to animals. However, when I was working on my MFA at NYU, my little Maltese, Mae, began my training as an Animal Communicator.  Before writing, I would always meditate. Mae took full advantage of this “quiet time” to send me images of what she wanted to eat that day. Different colored labels of dog food appeared in my mind’s eye. I don’t generally think about dog food (Chocolate, perhaps) so I quickly deduced that these were not my thoughts. I experimented by purposely serving her the food that I didn’t see that day. She would just look at me like, “Dummy!” As soon as I put down the can of food that came into my meditation, she would promptly gobble it up. Before long, the other animals in my apartment building were talking to me and my friends in New York were calling me to help out with their animals’ issues. Right before I moved to Los Angeles from New York, I met a woman who said she was studying animal communicating up in the Bay area. That was the first time I had formally heard the term. After my move, I sought out a teacher to help me hone and broaden my skills.
I have had much success with helping deepen communication between animals and their human friends. I help with behavior issues, finding lost animals, as well as finding out what an animal wants near the time of their transition and the symptoms of their illness that they are unable to express for themselves. It is a personal mission of mine that animals be known as the sentient beings that they are and acknowledged for the huge contribution that they make in their willingness to partner with and be of service to humans. This same love of animals propelled me into animal rescue several years later. I believe that there is a Divine Right Home for each and every animal on this planet & I am determined that we will find it.

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